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We are proud to introduce you to the SKN H2O Team!


SKN H2O was a brainchild of Harparam Sandhu, who after meeting his wife, Ashley Sandhu, decided to make it a reality. With their backgrounds in skincare, nutrition, and medicine, together they wanted to use their expertise to create something that really works. Hydration being the most important factor, they launched their first product, "SKN H2O" A Resveratrol enhanced sparkling water. The idea for SKN H2O was born from a desire to enhance and perfect, what was already available on the market. As well as to emphasize to consumers the notion, that hydration is crucial for good health & overall well-being


Effective Hydration is the foundation of health and wellness and with this in mind, the founders knew that is would be the basis of their new line. They care deeply about providing products that are void of fabricated substances. And, they sought to create a product that would encompass overall hydration, in a unique and effective way.

The main goals at SKN H2O, are to combine scientific knowledge in conjunction with centuries old herbs like Resveratrol, which is found in wine & gives wine all its health benefits, to create best of both worlds for the health and wellness of the consumer.

SKN H2O premium sparkling water is the first product in a line that will revitalize hydration as we’ve known it to date!
"It is Hydration & More.."

Premium Sparkling water infused with Resveratrol, a plant compound found in wine, known across the centuries for its revitalizing antioxidant properties. Together, these two provide the best form of hydration. 

SKN H2O is projecting a launch of many more unique products for overall health and well-being. All of which will continue to uphold the founders’ beliefs that health and wellness stem from avoidance of harmful chemicals and additives. All while focusing on using what Mother Nature already provides us with, in order to heal the body.


The founder looks forward to providing products that will revolutionize the hydration market and ensure that everyone who consumes it, feels the benefits of these incredible natural properties.



P.O.Box 4759

Walnut Creek CA 94596


  • SKN H2O "Rethink what you Drink"
  • SKN H2O "Rethink what you Drink"
  • SKN H2O "Rethink what you Drink"

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